Alfajar Food Pantry


The food bank at Al Fair is a registered 501c3 and a registered affiliate of Gleaners Food Bank. We are also certified by the State of Indiana for food handling safety.  We typically distribute food and toiletries (e.g., toothpaste, sanitary napkins, shampoo, bars of soap, laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, diapers) to our community on the third Sunday of every month from 10:30 AM – noon.  If we had more funding, we would distribute more. We typically serve about 400 people at every distribution. We have been in operation since May 2011 – so we are now in our 6th year. Our community is in GREAT NEED and we always need more donations.

Each distribution requires about 20 volunteers on the day of the distribution and numerous behind the scenes volunteers on other days.

On the day of the distributions, we need volunteers to: stock supplies in the pantry, bag groceries for clients, carry groceries for clients, shop for supplies and bring them to the pantry, set up tables and chairs and take them down, break down boxes and put them in recycling, sweep, mop, clean up. Volunteers should just come to the Masjid basement at 9:30 am sharp.

I should note that we can get only about 50-60% of the items we distribute from Gleaners. The rest of the supplies are purchased from retail stores. Also, many people are under the impression that we get food “for free” from Gleaners. We do not (No one does). Typically, we spend about $1200 – 1500 per distribution for supplies from Gleaners.


Between distributions, we need volunteers to: shop at local stores for supplies for the pantry, make in-kind donations to the pantry (bring cases of food, large bags of rice, cooking oil, toiletries, etc), spread the word about our operation to donors and clients.


To donate to the pantry, people can do the following:

  1. write a check to the IMCA Food Pantry and give it to me to deposit into the food pantry account.
  2. show up to the pantry on a day of the distribution and bring food and/or toiletries.
  3. drop off donations to the masjid office M-F 9-5
  4. contact Sr. Belz at to make arrangements for a donation.


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